Weapons protected by armour

Bunker finds exhibited in the museum bunker. 

In autumn 2015 where Museumscenter Hanstholm in collaboration with BSTH made a rare discovery in a bunker on a field east of Hansted Church.

From the darkness of the bunker two rare fortress mounts for machine guns, ”MG-Schartenlafette 34”, appeared – the only examples known in Denmark.

The mounts each weighted 117 kg, but they were laboriously salvaged. Thereafter, painstaking restoration work followed, and one of the mounts now have been completely renovated, so that all moving parts again can be moved. Also, the rust has been replaced with painting in the original colours.

The mount is now a part of the museum’s new exhibition, ”Weapons protected by armour”, in the museum bunker. Here we have built an ”armoured” plate (from particle boards), so that the weapon can be seen in its real environment and with all its parts. Also, you can see other of the artefacts found in the bunker which relate to the war behind armour.