Mortar pit

Small bunker of the type Bauform 69 meant to house an 8 cm infantry mortar.

The big pit for the mortar.  

The emplacement was probably built in the summer or autumn of 1943. 40 cubic metres of reinforced concrete were used. The walls and the ceilings of the bunker were 30 cm thick.

The bunker has two pits, one for the mortar and one for a machine gun/for observation purposes. The bunker also contains an ammunition room and a hall.

The pedestal for the mortar, seen from the entrance of teh bunker.

The bunker was a part of a platoon consisting of three German 8 cm infantry mortars, which were placed in this part of the battery. Two platoons with 8 cm mortars were set up in the central part of the battery.

Floor plan og section of poistion for mortar, Bauform 69. Measuremnet made by Kystdefensionen in 1948.