Armoured copula at Hansted church

Armoured copula with three embrasures for machine guns.
The muzzle of the machine gun was mounted in a ball head which fitted exactly into the embrasures. When the embrasures were not in use, they could be closed with heavy shutters, which can still be seen inside the copula. The smaller holes between the embrasures were for small periscopes for surveying the landscape when the embrasures were shot due bombardment. So, all in all the copula protected the soldiers inside it very well against bombardment.
The steel copula is part of a type Regelbau 110a bunker. Under the two-metre-thick ceiling of the bunker were ammunition rooms and quarter with bunks for nine soldiers.
The bunker was built in December 1942, and it was a part of the defences against attack from the landward side. The machine gun in this copula was to cover Tårnvej, which was one of the few roads through the perimeter defences into Hanstholm. Three bunkers of this type were constructed in Hanstholm.
The bunker is not accessible.