Hanstholm Lighthouse lies on the top of the foreland of Hanstholm

The lighthouse was built 1842-43 as the first light house on the west coast of Jutland, and the same time it was the first light house in Denmark with a rotating lens lighted by an oil lamp. In 1888-89 the light house complex was modernized. The tower was heightened and as the first in Denmark the tower was equipped with electrical lightning (arc lamp). At that time, it was the most powerful light house in the world. In 1923, the arc lamp was replaced with a by a glow lamp.
Due to blackout the Germans had the light shut down. The Danish crew, however, stayed at the light house, so that they could turn the light on if the German needed it for their own navigational purposes.
During the occupation the light tower was used an observation post for the 38 cm battery. On the balcony on the top of the tower, a direction-finding telescope was placed.
The lighthouse is still in use, but it was automatized in 1970.
There is access to the lighthouse in the day time hours.