15 cm gun

German naval gun: 15 cm S.K.C/28. This type of gun was put up in many various types of gun carriages. This particular gun is placed in a coastal artillery carriage, model 1936, Küst MPL C/36. This type of gun was constructed by the German firm Rheinmetall-Borsig. But the actuel gun has been produced at the Skoda factories. The production number is 1457, and it was originally emplaced in a German coastal battery at Hesbjerg in northern Zealand in the Fall of 1944. 
Modelår: 1928
Vægt af kanon i stilling: 19.661 kg
Kanonrørets længde: 8,2 m
Rækkevidde: 23.500 m.
Granatvægt: 45 kg
Mundingshastighed: 875 m/s
Skudhastighed: 6 skud pr. minut

15 cm gun photographed at Fynshoved, August 1945.