Armoured copula at Hotel Hanstholm

Armoured copula with six embrasures for machine guns. The sides of the copula are 25 cm thick. The muzzle of the machine gun was mounted in a ball head which fitted exactly into the embrasures. When the embrasures were not in use, they could be closed with heavy shutters. The hole in the top of the copula was for a periscope for surveying the terrain around the bunker.
The copula is part of a type Regelbau 634 bunker. The copula is 25 cm thick, whereas the walls and ceiling are 2 m thick and offered the soldiers good protection against bombardment. In the bunker was an ammunition room and bunks for the crew of nine soldiers.
The bunker was built in May 1943. It was a part of the central part of the Fortress Hanstholm around the command bunker, which lies on the hilltop on the side of the hotel.
Three bunkers of this type were constructed in Hanstholm.
The bunker is being used by the electricity company, and therefore it is not accessible.