Crater from civilian house that was blown up by an accident

At 9.30 AM on 26 September 1945, Hanstholm was shaken by an enormous explosion, which could be heard over most of Northern Thy.
It was a small, old house, ”Old Lines House”, which had exploded. In the house, 2000 anti-tank mines, equivalent of 10 tonnes of explosives, had been stored.
The explosion created great damage in the neighbourhood. Of the house, only a big crater was left.
The accident cost the lives of two Danish naval artillery men. That evening the Danish navy had planned a big party on the occasion of King Christian X’s birth day – naturally the party was cancelled.
What made the mines explode has never been established, as there were no living witnesses to explain what had happened.
In the brush next to the road, you can still see the ”imprint” after “Old Lines House”.