The War Machine

The exhibition ”The war machine” is focused on the machines of war.

In the exhibition, a small selection of the original weapons with which the fortifications of the west coast of Denmark was armed.

Here you can see both the standard equipment of the German ”Wehrmacht”, the ”Schmeisser”-submachinegun and the assault rifle, but also some of the many weapons that the Germans captured and took in their own use.

Among the large exhibits are 2 cm Oerlikon and 2 cm-Vierlingflak anti-aircraft guns, a 150 cm searchlight, German 3,7 cm Pak 36 and 7,5 cm Pak 40 anti-tank guns and finally the rare M 19 5 cm automatic mortar.

Also to be seen is the propeller from an American B-17 bomber and a part of the tail plan from a Canadian Lockheed Hudson bomber, which were both shot down by guns at Hanstholm.