38 cm gun

German naval guns of the 38 cm S.K.C/34 type were made to be fitted onto German warships of the Bismarck class.

The gun barrel is the same type as those mounted in the museum bunker.

Until May 2005, this particular gun barrel stood in the courtyard of the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum in Copenhagen. It had originally been intended for the German Tirpitz battery at Oksby, near Blåvand. However, these guns were never actually mounted, so in 1945 the barrels were left at a depot at Guldager Station, near Esbjerg. This one was moved to Copenhagen in 1947.

It was originally built as rearmament for the German warship Gneisenau, which until then had been fitted with 28 cm guns. However, this rebuilding plan was abandoned in February 1943 when the ship was severely damaged during an Allied bombing raid. Instead, it was decided to use the guns as part of the coastal defences.

This gun barrel bears the number 89 and was manufactured in 1943 at the Krupp works in Essen, Germany.