German coastal batteries in Denmark 1940-45

In the files below are lists and descriptions of the coastal batteries that were installed by the Germans in Denmark during the occupation.

It is partly transcripts of original documents (German, Danish, British and America) in their original language, and partly lists based on different original documents.

Thumb 565_10,5_cm _flak _1943

German 10,5 cm anti aircraft batteri at Hanstholm photographed by Walther Frentz in the summer of  (2./M.Fl.A. 814). (Frihedsmuseet)

German coastal batteries in Danmark, June 1940

German coastal artillery in Denmark, August 1940

List of German coastal batteries in Europe, January 1941

German coast artillery on the west coast of Jutland, 1.12.1941

German army coastal batteries in Denmark, 1941-1943

German naval artillery in Danmark, 1.9.1942

Beskrivelse af kystbatteriers indretning pr. 10.7.1943

German army coastal batteries in Denmark, December 1943

German coastal batteries under construction in Europe, May 1944 (English translation)

German Seacoast Defenses, 1945 (American report)

German coast artillery equipment employed in the defence of the west coast of Denmark (PDF, 15,8 MB)

Report on inspection of batteries made by Danish artillery school, 1945 (Danish)

Report on batteries by Danish commission, 1946 (Danish)

Status of demolishing of batteries as of May 1946 (Danish)