The Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre is the Bunkermuseum Hanstholms modern exhibition building, which is also forms the entrance to the museum bunker.

Facilities include the brand new exhibitions "Enemy and Neighbour - Hanstholm occupied" and "The War Machine", which was inaugurated at Easter 2016th

The overall theme of the exhibitions is the "Atlantic Wall" - the chain of fortifications that Hitler 1942-44 had built from Kirkenes in Norway to the Pyrenees at the Spanish border.

The story of the Atlantic Wall is focused on Denmark, and it naturally takes its starting point in the "Fortress Hanstholm". Here, the Germans built their strongest fortifications in Northern Europe during WW2, of which the museum bunker was a key element.

The exhibition tells about the soldiers' daily lives and their weapons, about the development of the "Atlantic Wall" and the life of the Danish civilian population in the shade of the fortifications.

The exhibition building was built in 2000/2001 and its first exhibition was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II on 30 June 2002.