The Ammunition Train

Timetable 2024:

The train runs every half an hour, between 10.00 am and 30 minutes prior to the museum closing for the day. In case of a long queue the train will run every 15 minutes (approximately).
The train is running in the following periods.

23th of March - 1st of April. First departure 10.00 am, last departure 3.30 pm.

9th of May - 8th of September. First departure 10.00 am, last departure 3.30 pm. (June - August 4.30 pm).

12th of October - 20th of October.  First departure 10.00 am, last departure 3.30 pm.

25,- DKK
0-2 years: Free

Private booking:
It is possible to book the train outside normal opening hours/season.
1000,- DKK starting fee incl. tickets for one round on the track + 200,- DKK for additional rounds.

NB dogs are not allowed on the train, there a hooks for dog outside the trainstation

The ammunition railway was constructed because the ammunition used in the 38 cm guns was too heavy to be simply carted around on a handcart. Consequently, a system of narrow tracks was set up inside the battery area. Shells and charges were transported by small diesel locomotives to the four gun emplacements from six large ammunition bunkers, which were placed further back in the battery area.


In the countryside which surrounds Bunkermuseum Hanstholm a part of the old munition track has been reestablished. With the munition train you can take a ride through the battery and pass one of the large munition bunkers and one of the bunkers, which housed a 38 cm gun. The trip will last for about 10 minutes.