Ammunition bunker

Bunker of the type Regelbau S 468 for storing ammunition for the 38 cm gun.

The bunker had the German number 1100 M5 and the pouring was finished on 4 November, 1943. 5.130 cubic metres of concrete were used. The ceiling and the walls of the bunker are 3,5 metre thick; this makes it the most strongly built facility in Hanstholm. 

Interior of the large ammunition depót.

The bunker was built in two stories. At the upper floor shells were kept; it is here the munition track is found. The charges were kept below; in this part of the bunker a boiler house and an air-conditioning plant were located. The purpose of these installations were to provide a stable and pleasant indoor climate in the bunker.

The bunker could house 232 shots 38 cm ammunition.

In the autumn of 1943 four bunkers of this type were constructed.

Floor plan of the upper floor of the ammunition depót.