Open-Air Museum of "Battery Hanstholm I"

The open-air museum of battery "Hanstholm I" is situated in the dunes just to the south of Hanstholm in the northenmost part of the Hanstholm Sanctuary. The battery is surrounded by beautiful and undisturbed terrain, and is one of the best preserved German coastal batteries in Denmark. Go explore the battery`s bunkers. Almost all of them are accessible.

The construction of the battery began already on the twelfth of April, 1940. It was therefore the first permanent fortification the Germans built near Hanstholm. The battery was armed with four17 cm naval guns. It should guard the opening near the mainland in the German mine barrage in the Skagerrak.

The battery consists of 19 larger bunkers. All of them were built in the period summer 1942-spring 1944 as part of the "Atlantic Wall". 

See the folder with map here purchase it in the shop at the bunker museum.

Batteri Hanstholm I - dansk 

Batteri Hanstholm I - tysk

Batteri Hansthom I - engelsk