The Museum Bunker


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The bunker museum covers about 2500 m2. It is one of the largest bunkers, which the Germans built in Denmark. In the middle of the bunker stood one of the four 38 cm guns that comprised the German coastal battery known as "Hanstholm II". 

The battery had a maximum range of 55 km. Together with a corresponding battery on the Norwegian side of Skagerrak, the battery was intended to cut off the approx. 120-km-wide channel between Denmark and Norway.

The bunker has three main parts: a) The ammunition stores b) the gun pit c) the crew`s quarters and the technical section. 

The large gun does not exist anymore, but some of the rooms in the bunker are kept in their original style and with original equipment. In the other rooms there are exhibitions, which tell about various aspects of the history of the fortifications.