2 cm Vierlingflak C/38

Mounting with four 2 cm anti-aircraft guns developed by Mauser immediately prior to the outbreak of war.

The weapon was developed for the German Navy for use on its war ships. The weapon proved to be very effective, not least against low-lying aircraft because of the concentrated firepower; and at the same time fewer men were needed to man the guns than if the guns had been placed in single mounts.

In 1940, the idea of placing four light anti-aircraft guns on the same mounting was taken over also by the German Army and Air Force, which developed a lighter and more mobile version.

This gun was produced in 1943 by Mitteldeutsche Leichtmetallwerke G.m.b.H., Harzgerode, nd it was either mounted on a ship or in fortifications. (Tøjhusmuseet)   


Affutage med fire 2 vm Flak-rør

2 cm Flak-rør