The Atlantic Wall. In regional, national, and international perspective.

The present book presents papers from a symposium held in Hanstholm, Denmark in May 2018: “The Atlantic Wall, in regional, national, and international perspective”. The symposium was arranged by three Danish museums in Northern Jutland – Museum Thy, Vendsyssel Historiske Museum (Vendsyssel Historical Museum), Nordjyllands Kystmuseum (Coastal Museum of Northern Jutland) – and Aalborg University. The symposium was part of a project entitled “The Atlantic Wall in Northern Jutland”, carried out by the institutions mentioned above and financed by the Velux Foundation in Denmark in the period 2016-18. The aim of the symposium in May 2018 was to situate the findings of the regional project in a national and an international perspective by inviting Danish and European scholars to present results from their research on related subjects. The symposium was organized in four sections: 1) The Atlantic Wall in Europe, 2) Building the Atlantic Wall, 3) The Atlantic Wall, the Danish armed forces and the Cold War, and 4) Musealization of the Atlantic Wall 1945-2017. Editors: Jens Andersen, Chrestina Dahl, Henrik Gjøde Nielsen and Knud Knudsen. Release: 2019. Hardback.